Always A Bridesmaid

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It’s only right that one of the first things my girlfriends ask about after my engagement is the bachelorette party. It’s not because they’re selfish – truly, I have the best of friends – but because any excuse to get the band together is a valuable one. Not that we need an invitation to travel together. Every year for July 4th we make our annual girls trip to Kiawah. And even though planning anything wedding related is still just a flicker in my mind, I’m letting my girlfriends weigh in on some of their favorite girls trip destinations.

Here’s the beginning of a list they’ve given me. I’m going to need you all to weigh in on this too. Bachelorette parties, road trips, just because – where do you and your girls like to go for a weekend of fun?

Xo, Tara



I have to put this on the list because it’s one of the cities closest to my heart and where the girls and I always plan one epic night during our July 4th trip. Between the shopping, food and summer air, something about Charleston is just the perfect place for a warm weekend and good friends.



One of my girlfriends is big on live music and promises that Nashville is the mecca for a good bar and a great jam. Once in a while I like to pack away my heels and dust off my cowboy boots and just enjoy the country energy. This might be just the place.



I was in Austin over the summer for a wedding and wish I could’ve stayed longer. From visiting the Alamo Drafthouse to walking along the waterfront, Austin is both an amazing indoor and outdoor city. I can see the girls having a lot of fun noshing on Tex Mex here and hitting a few new school cocktail bars. 


The North Fork

Long Island’s hidden gem is definitely The North Fork. A few of my NYC friends swear by a bus trip to the local vineyards and getting a good sampling of Chardonnay on a day long tasting. It’s the perfect place to get an Airbnb and spend the weekend relaxing and indulging.


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