Almost Paradise: Santa Barbara Road Trip Part II

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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Post DC I feel a little bit like my Cinderella moment has ended but I can’t wait to relive it with you all tomorrow. As I catch up on sleep here in New York, a look back at part two of my Santa Barbara excursion…

A girls’ trip wouldn’t be complete without a little shopping so day two started on State Street. The architecture in Santa Barbara has a really Spanish and old school vibe so new buildings and old buildings blend together. From the H&M to the mid-19th century courthouse, you see lots of clay roofs and white stone. The weather was so nice we happily found ourselves wandering instead of purchasing.


For the afternoon we headed to the ‘Funk Zone.’ Apparently this is the trendy neighborhood but honestly, I would have to check our anywhere with that name. We hit up this one place called Lucky Penny that has a façade entirely made of its namesake. I was the lucky one here because they had amazing coffee and chocolate ice cream pops. Not a bad way to cruise around and check out the cool art galleries and wine shops. I grabbed a few bottles of chardonnay to take back to the homestead. You can never have too much California chardonnay.

For dinner we went to The Lark which had such a hip vibe and amazingly fresh food. Try the spiced zucchini and farmers market pappardelle, because there’s nothing I love more than bread crumbs on pasta.




On that note, we said goodbye to Abby, loaded up the car, and cruised along the 1 back to Santa Monica. I found myself so relaxed from our two-day excursion to the coast that I switched out my former Coachella playlist for Dave Matthews, Jackson Browne, and Stevie Nicks.

As much as I love the hustle and bustle of NYC and LA, it’s always nice to get away and smell the California roses.


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