Almost Paradise: Road Trip to Santa Barbara, Part I

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Almost Paradise: Road Trip to Santa Barbara, Part I

California is the ultimate road trip state. In a handful of hours you can be standing on the top of a mountain or idolizing surfers on a Southern California beach.

I knew in my post-Coachella blues I’d want a change of pace from the desert, and need a self-imposed detox, so my friend Laura and I decided to visit our mutual friend Abby in Santa Barbara. It’s only about two hours from Santa Monica, traffic permitting, and Abby had a new oceanfront view she promised would not disappoint.


She was right. Being by the sea is so cathartic for me and I instantly felt better when we took time to just kick back on the beach in Montecito. I brought my funky new towel from The Beach People as well – which I swear I did not coordinate with my outfit but life is full of happy coincidences!



After we caught some rays, Abby took us to Honor Bar in Montecito for lunch. I love a big salad for lunch and the Macho Salad was delicious with roast chicken, avocado and almonds for crunch. I thought this place looked somewhat familiar and it turns out it’s the same people who run Hillstone which is a popular spot for my friends and I in New York. They always have a good California Chardonnay on the list!



Next stop was the San Ysidro Ranch, an amazing hotel with views of both the mountains and the ocean. We walked through the gardens and tried to distract ourselves from the fact the restaurant was closed for dessert. I can see why a lot of weddings happen here. The whole place feels like a painting come to life.


Monday I’ll tell you all about day two of our road trip North where I’ll share a throwback inspired playlist with you and take you to the “funk zone.”

Some big news coming tomorrow. Can’t wait to share with you!

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