What’s In My Fridge?

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Today I’m giving you guys a peek inside one of my favorite places – the fridge! Growing up my mom was really great about always keeping our kitchen stocked with healthy snacks (and a few guilty pleasures) so I try to replicate that in my own home. I’m on the go a lot so it’s important for me to always be able to whip up a quick snack or meal. Here are some of the staples I’ve got around:tara-lipinski-in-my-fridge


I’m a watermelon lover. There’s just nothing more refreshing, especially in the summer, than this. One of my favorite ways to end an evening BBQ or August meal.

Whipped Cream

To encourage myself to eat more fruits and berries I’ve always got a little whipped cream on hand. Strawberries + Whipped Cream = Heaven.

Cage-Free Brown Eggs + Pico De Gallo

One of my favorite breakfast dishes are scrambled eggs and pico. I love the flavor and it really fills me up in the morning. I eat a lot of bran flake cereal so I try to get my protein in every other day. Eggs were a big part of my training diet growing up so I know how good they can be to start your day!

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds

My new favorite chocolate snack! Trader Joe’s has a bunch of my favorite prepared foods and these are perfectly salty and sweet for a quick chocolate fix. I just have to get myself to not eat the whole carton in one sitting!

Celery, Carrots and Jicama

I’m a big snacker but I usually reach for the shelf stable stuff like goldfish and, well, goldfish. I’m trying to get better about my nibbling habits by keeping lots of fresh veggies in my fridge and these are a few of my favorites.

Cashew Milk

I recently switched from almond to cashew milk just because I prefer the taste. It’s a little creamier so I love to use it in smoothies.

Nestle Tollhouse Cookies

When I can’t make cookies from scratch, these are the next best thing. I love having friends over and making the whole house smell like fresh baked cookies.  It’s very low effort but a really nice touch.

Greek Honey Yogurt 

Another great breakfast or snack option. I know the Greek yogurt movement seems like it’s everywhere but I love the taste!

Earth Balance

This is my butter alternative. I actually really love the flavor and it’s perfect on toast or an everything bagel (my favorite) in the morning.

Xo, Tara

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