Soup for the New Age Soul

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I have a lot of respect for people who can get through a week’s worth of green juices. I’m good with one after a workout or to kick start my day but a whole cleanse? No can do.

 Enter Soupure. I happened upon this kiosk at the Brentwood Country Mary with my friends after a little Soulcycle session. There was a woman nearby, also still in her workout gear, who started raving about it when she saw we were checking it out. Soupure is basically the answer to cleansing for people like me. It’s a mix of hearty, savory and sweet soups and broths stuffed full of great ingredients that helps kick those hunger pangs associated with juicing. For me, it feels more like food and less like torture.



Even though it seems like they’re in the start up phase, there are a handful of really great blends to choose from. My favorites are the Strawberry and Cashew Nut and Tomato Basil. They also come in handy little jars to make it an easy lunch on the go for when I’m walking Dublin and he has no intention of sitting down – or letting me sit down either.


Is souping the new juicing? Not sure – but check out this place if you’re in the LA area and let me know your thoughts. And let me know if you have any other alternatives to juicing because until Chardonnaying is a health fad, I’m exploring all other options.

xo Tara

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