Beam Me Up, Smoothie

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I know what you’re thinking – another juice bar. After my epic ice cream post the other week though I’m feeling a little detox and I promise, Beaming is worth a minute of your time. As you all know, I love a healthy lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I want things to necessarily taste like they’re healthy. There’s a reason I don’t just eat grass and leaves!

It’s why I’m so passionate about vegetarian restaurants that make great food and juice bars that taste delicious. And that’s why I love Beaming. When I’m on my way to or from a barre class, this is my go-to spot for a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack on the go.


The best thing about Beaming is options, options, options. There’s no limit here to superfood bowls, powders, probiotics and, of course, juices and smoothies. I actually crave some of the smoothies here, including their Basic Chocolate and the Sexy Mayan. Both are rich in flavor and based on almond milk so they have a creamy texture that might as well be a milkshake. I also always grab a bag of their homemade granola. I put it on everything. Yogurt, peanut butter toast, fruit, you name it. Even ice cream.


Because healthy and delicious can be the same thing.

Xo, Tara

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