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The Prep Time Continuum

Posted on June 26,2015

The formula to the perfect nighttime outfit isn’t an exact science, but maybe looks something like this: (Energy – Effort)/Time…

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Crochet All Day

Posted on June 04,2015

My girlfriend and I are taking a trip to the Hamptons this weekend and that means our text exchange has…

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Workout Wear Wednesday: Make a Splash

Posted on June 03,2015

Summer is coming, or already here, depending on where you live. Unless you’re in, say, Australia where it’s winter. Sending…

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Smooth Operator

Posted on June 02,2015

I might be the world’s weirdest health nut, because I crave good, clean foods in the form of chocolate and…

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Sun, Sand, Sea.

Posted on May 28,2015

Sun, Sand, Sea. That’s the motto of Manhattan Beach, one of my favorite day trip destinations. It’s only a 30…

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Posted on May 27,2015

Hope you all had a great long weekend! It’s unofficially summer now which means I will not think twice about…

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The Little Things: A Design Philosophy

Posted on May 26,2015

Growing up on the road I developed such an appreciation for home, not just as a place but also as an idea. My…

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Puppy Love: Why Dogs Give Us All The Feels

Posted on May 21,2015

My dog is a hugger. Seriously. I know in some ways it’s a bad habit, but Dublin just loves to…

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Workout Wear Wednesday: Just Shoe It

Posted on May 20,2015

I am not a runner. I repeat: I am not a runner.  Do I run? Sure. Couples miles here. Couple…

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Over The Rainbow

Posted on May 19,2015

I’ve passed this wall in Santa Monica almost every day I’ve lived here. It’s strange to think I let something…

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